The Dangers of Heroin Abuse in the US

Heroin is the fastest growing drug of abuse in many states, spurring serious health concerns for its residents and neighboring states. State officials claim that in recent years, heroin has become the number one choice for drug users state-wide, reflecting the unusually high crime rates, number of inmates for drug-related crimes, and most importantly, the increasing need for more drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. One of the reasons why heroin has increased in popularity and usage is because of its high-end quality (since it is transported from Central and South America directly), low paying value, and its easy accessibility for U.S. residents. The worst part about this drug problem is that heroin is one of the most highly addictive recreational substances in America; thousands have lost their lives to heroin, and thousands continue to follow in their footsteps by succumbing to deadly addictions. As a result, America is in desperate need of viable solutions that are not only immediate, but for the long-run.

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